Monday, May 29, 2017

Reflection for May 22nd-May 24th

I missed a few days this week because I spent the weekend at Camp Sunshine, but I think I'm still in okay shape for the final project. I have decided to make a poster- one panel for refuting incorrect assumptions about bipolar disorder, one for facts about bipolar disorder, and one the presence of the disorder in the valley/how we can raise awareness for it here. I have typed up nearly all of my notes at this point, so all I need to do is change fonts and edit a little bit because a lot of it is in bullet form. I would prefer that they panel on myths was in full sentences. I will also want to decorate it with relevant images, and possibly graphs/charts to back up my data.

The last major step I need to take is to call Memorial Hospital and Northern Human Services to ask for local data. If I can't find any, I will just use state facts and compare proportions with the number of people in the valley. I will also need to write a bit about the lack of mental health education in school settings, and that people need to know more in general. That's why I'm also going to make a flyer that debunks this common misconceptions that are crucial for the public to know.

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