Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week Standards [4.9, 4.10, 4.11, 4.12, 5.1, 5.2]

How did you do on your work?
This week we spent the majority of the time working on the life processes paper. I think my group did really well, and may have actually done a bit too much research. Our paper was long but for someone studying it, it definitely covers the bases. I got my vodcasts done early which was awesome, and we also had a quiz. The vodcast questions weren't terrible, though I had to refer back to my notes often.

What did you understand well?
I think I understand meiosis pretty well, and I am pretty confident with differentiation because I learned a lot about it this summer at the lab. I think I understand gas exchange very well at this point, as well as even the other group projects. From previous classes I'm pretty familiar with circulatory and nutrition, though excretion less so. I also have a pretty good grasp of meiosis (mostly) and how differentiation works. I also think I understand how the embryo is developed, but less about plant development.

Where do you think you could improve?

For like the 700th week in a row, I really need to slow down on the vodcasts and take the time to understand what I'm hearing. My comprehension of 5.1 and 5.2 isn't what it should be and I think I can change that. I also should delve more into my vodcast answers, because often I think I am rushing and miss what I could have gained from writing a longer, more thorough answer. Also, I shouldn't save my quiz studying for the last minute because I think I didn't do as well on the quiz as I should have because I crammed on Sunday night.

What strategies will you use to improve?
For the 700th time again, I can improve by slowing down in the vodcast, or doing it quickly and then rewatching it. I'll start chunking out more time for myself to do them, so I don't always feel so rushed. For quiz studying I'll break it up over the course of a few days so I don't feel overwhelmed the night before with information. I am also hoping that my understanding of 5.1 and 5.2 will improve once we get around to discussing them.

How does this work fit I to the course description?

Currently we are doing a lot of work with early development and the creation of cells as well. This ties into DNA because we are now looking at the actual organisms that the DNA is expressed in (offspring) and what those newly created cells are capable of doing. We are also building on our previous knowledge of genes and seeing now how they are expressed and also how they are regulated. A lot of the stuff at the conference we went to at the beginning of the year is also making more sense to me.

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